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TONIGHT! Got some tix left, Don't miss this show. Contact me! See you there xoxo ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

Bill KendallBand and you sounded great!4 months ago

ALSO, for those of you asking, I WILL be playing the upcoming show this weekend at the Crescent Ballroom. You don't wanna miss Fayuca's super dope release party this SATURDAY! Me and a few phenomenal players will be doing some special things on stage right before my talented and lovely friend Gabo Fayuca sets it off! I do have tickets left, so message me and we can arrange something. It'll be a night of incredible rock and soul. Bring the party & we will see you there. Sara Robinson ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

Barbie MacBrideMy younger-self-soul with be there with you guys ! lol X4 months ago

Selena FranklinWho are you performing with ?4 months ago

ANNOUNCEMENT: Dear kick-ass wonderful SRMS fans, Just wanted to officially fill you in, as I am sure you've already heard. Unfortunately it is true that Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special is no longer. FORTUNATELY, we have all moved on to other projects and continue to make music and do what we are so passionate about! I know I can speak for us all when I say, THANK YOU to every single one of you for the unreal amount of support and enthusiasm you gave to us from the very first show, till the very last. There is no way we would have accomplished all that we did within those few short years, without you. You showered us with INSANE love and journeyed with us as we did some amazing things. From playing with legendary names, recording albums, traveling to places like Hawaii and Vegas(etc), to making music videos, and of course the hundreds of beautiful live shows and festivals you were right there for. So THANKYOU. It has meant more than you can imagine. This may be a closed chapter in our musical lives, but it's just the beginning of our exciting individual stories. To stay connected, check out some of the OG SRMS members in their new band Wyves. Also stay tuned here for Sara Robinson shows, as I make some changes to the page and fill you in on what I am doing now. MUCH LOVE, Sara Robinson xoxo ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

George KnottThat's too bad4 months ago

Jeff TolonenCan someone sneak me a bootleg of that second album?4 months ago

Conrad PadillaBummer 🎸🎶🔊😔4 months ago

Tim Ivory AndreasSad to read this. Wishing you all the best. Sara Robinson we love your voice. Keep us posted4 months ago

Thomas KWhat about Nic Sterling?4 months ago

Jeff Tolonen^ wyves4 months ago

Dustin HolindrakeRuh roh!4 months ago

Jim BrownThat is a shame, you guys strait out kicked ass! Thanks for the jams all of you!4 months ago

Jared PflasterRyan4 months ago

Rich LullieSo sad to hear the news but hopefully will get to hear your beautiful voice again live soon!!!4 months ago

Ernie RodriguezWishing all of you the Best, Sara you have a beautiful voice let us know what's new.4 months ago

Bob RobertsonDamn! Saw you at The Venue in Scottsdale a few years back and was blown away. I live in Chicago so I will still follow you in your future plans. PLEASE keep me posted and much luck! Hope you come to Chicago soon!4 months ago

Tory CampbellAh bummer4 months ago

https://www.facebook.com/events/1565645273686639/ TONIGHT! ... See MoreSee Less

9 months ago

Evie Jauregui CorirossiYou guys were AMAZING!! Can't wait till your next show!9 months ago

Pao FigueYou are awesomeeee9 months ago

UPDATE: There will be a show NEXT THURSDAY at the Crescent Ballroom! Unfortunately Brenden can't make this show, but we've got a killer group of talented and accomplished players rocking it out with me! I can't wait to play these songs and have a wonderful night with everyone. LET'S DO IT. More info to come -xoxo ... See MoreSee Less

10 months ago

Ryan WoodsSara Robinson what time do you go on at on Thursday???9 months ago

Sara Robinson & The Midnight Special7:30 doors Japhys Descent 8:30-9:10pm The Black Moods 9:30-10:10pm Sara Robinson 10:30-11:30pm9 months ago

SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT: VIVA PHX FESTIVAL! We play MIDNIGHT at Last Exit Live. The beautiful band lineup will consist of our own Nick Sterling on guitar and Scott Sievers on drums. Helping us out will be the talented PC on bass! This is one massive festival and we're looking forward to killin the stage. Find us hanging out as we make our rounds to support the other amazing bands! It's going to be one hell of a blockparty. ... See MoreSee Less

11 months ago